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also known as: Venezuelan Sun-pitcher plant, Sumpfkrug, Héliamphore; Zonnebekerplant

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Heliamphora arenicola
Heliamphora ceracea
Heliamphora chimantensis
Heliamphora ciliata
Heliamphora collina
Heliamphora elongata
Heliamphora exappendiculata
Heliamphora exappendiculata f. glabella
Heliamphora folliculata
Heliamphora glabra
Heliamphora heterodoxa
Heliamphora hispida
Heliamphora huberi
Heliamphora ionasi
Heliamphora macdonaldae see H. tatei f. macdonaldae
Heliamphora minor
Heliamphora minor f. laevis
Heliamphora minor var. pilosa
Heliamphora neblinae
Heliamphora neblinae f. parva see H. parva
Heliamphora neblinae f. virdis
Heliamphora nutans
Heliamphora parva
Heliamphora pulchella
Heliamphora purpurascens
Heliamphora sarracenioides
Heliamphora tatei
Heliamphora tatei f. macdonaldae
Heliamphora tatei var. tatei
Heliamphora tyleri see H. tatei
Heliamphora uncinata
Hybrids and Cultivars:

Heliamphora "Akopan"
Heliamphora "Amuri" see H. huberi
Heliamphora "Angasima"
Heliamphora "BCP Flamingo"
Heliamphora "Big Orange"
Heliamphora "Burgundy-Black"
Heliamphora × [collina × elongata]
Heliamphora 'Cyclops'
Heliamphora "Elegance"
Heliamphora × [elongata × ionasi]
Heliamphora "Ewok"
Heliamphora "Foothill Testigos" see H. collina
Heliamphora "Ghost"
Heliamphora "Godzilla"
Heliamphora "Flamingo"
Heliamphora × [heterodoxa × ionasi]
Heliamphora × [heterodoxa × minor]
Heliamphora × [heterodoxa × nutans]
Heliamphora × [heterodoxa × sarracenioides]
Heliamphora × [hispida × heterodoxa]
Heliamphora "Ilu Tepui" see H. elongata
Heliamphora × [ionasi × heterodoxa]
Heliamphora × [ionasi × minor var. pilosa]
Heliamphora × [ionasi × nutans]
Heliamphora "Lowland" see H. ciliata
Heliamphora "Meadow"
Heliamphora "Mickey"
Heliamphora × [minor var. pilosa × ionasi]
Heliamphora × [minor × heterodoxa]
Heliamphora × [(minor × heterodoxa) × heterodoxa]
Heliamphora "Mysterious Giant"
Heliamphora "Neblina"
Heliamphora × [neblinae × hispida]
Heliamphora × [neblinae × sarracenoides]
Heliamphora × [nutans × glabra]
Heliamphora × [nutans × heterodoxa]
Heliamphora × [nutans × ionasi]
Heliamphora × [parva × pulchella]
Heliamphora × [parva × sarracenioides]
Heliamphora 'Patasola'
Heliamphora "Peter Pan"
Heliamphora × [pulchella × chimantensis]
Heliamphora × [purpurascens × ionasi]
Heliamphora 'Red Mambo'
Heliamphora 'Scylla'
Heliamphora "Selection 1"
Heliamphora × [tatei macdonaldae × tatei tatei]
Heliamphora × [tatei neblinae × hispida]
Heliamphora × [tatei × (arenicola × ionasi)]
Heliamphora "Tequila"
Heliamphora "Tramen"
Heliamphora × [uncinata × parva]
Heliamphora "Yuyurani"
Heliamphora "Zappergeck"