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Heliamphora pulchella ((Wistuba, Carow, Harbarth & Nerz) spec. nov.)
- Chimanta Region, Venezuela

Comments: Described in Das Taublatt, Heft 53, 2005/3: In this paper we formally describe a new species of Heliamphora, Sarraceniaceae, namely Heliamphora pulchella, from Chimanta range. This species is related to Heliamphora minor. Until now there was some confusion about plants that were referred to as Heliamphora minor. While the holotype of Heliamphora minor that was collected on Auyan Tepui only has very short and dense cilia on the inner side of the pitcher, other specimens collected within the Chimanta range show very prominent scattered bristles instead. Our studies indicate that the distribution ranges of the short-haired and the long-haired plants are completely disjunctive. In addition we show other characteristics that clearly separate both Heliamphora populations.
updated: 2020-07-07 Akopan akopan Churi Tepui Amuri Tepui Akopan 16 photos 17 photos of H. pulchella (Akopan Tepui) 10 photos labeled H. minor or H. minor hairy Churi Tepui Akopan Akopan Akopan Amuri Akopan Akopan Tepui Akopan Tepui Akopan Churi Tepui Churi Tepui Chimanta Tepui see page 20-23 33 photos in Venezuela Amuri Amuri Tepui HL1 Amuri Tepui Akopan Akopan Akopan Amuri Amuri Amuri Amuri Amuri Akopan Tepui Churi Tepui Churi Tepui Amuri hairless Amuri clone Z10 Akopan Tepui Akopan Tepui Amuri Amuri Amuri