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also known as: Corkscrew plant, Reusenfallen, Genliseje

A comprehensive Genlisea photo gallery
Genlisea trap microscopic General view of trap entrance. Details of the trap entrance; the teeth prevent the prey from escaping.
Distribution map Maps/WorldMap_Genlisea.htm
Species Identification Key


Genlisea africana
Genlisea angolensis
Genlisea aurea
Genlisea barthlottii
Genlisea exhibitionista
Genlisea filiformis
Genlisea flexuosa
Genlisea glabra
Genlisea glandulosissima
Genlisea guianensis
Genlisea hawkingii
Genlisea hispidula
Genlisea lobata
Genlisea margaretae
Genlisea metallica
Genlisea multiflora
Genlisea nebulicola
Genlisea nigrocaulis
Genlisea oligophylla
Genlisea ornata
Genlisea oxycentron
Genlisea pallida
Genlisea pulchella
Genlisea pygmaea
Genlisea repens
Genlisea roraimensis
Genlisea sanariapoana
Genlisea stapfii
Genlisea subglabra
Genlisea subviridis
Genlisea taylorii
Genlisea tuberosa
Genlisea uncinata
Genlisea violacea
Hybrids and Cultivars:

Genlisea "Bela de Itacambira" see G. metallica
Genlisea "Canastra" see G. nebulicola
Genlisea "Cicciolina"
Genlisea "Cipó" see G. oligophylla
Genlisea "Fumaça" see G. exhibitionista
Genlisea "giant violacea" see G. flexuosa
Genlisea "Gigante" see G. flexuosa
Genlisea hispidula 'Odin'
Genlisea "Itacambira Beauty" see G. metallica
Genlisea × [lobata × flexuosa]
Genlisea × [lobata × violacea]
Genlisea "mini violacea" see G. nebulicola
Genlisea "Very Broad Leaf" see G. flexuosa
Genlisea × [violacea × hispida]