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Sarracenia flava var. cuprea (Schnell)
Comments: copper/browny red/olive colored top. Pitcher can be veined, veinless, blush red or strongly red. See also registered cultivar S. 'Copper Lid'.
updated: 2023-07-12 numerous clones MK-F90 MK-F90 MK-F90 flava cuprea (front); [(rubra*oreophila)*flava] (back) Brunswick Co, NC Botanique clone Pender Co. NC ,W (F45,JA)(F173,MK) Brunswick Co, NC flava cuprea (left); flava rubricorpora (right) JL405 JL405 JL410 JL410 JL441 JL441 Best Clone Best Clone Lois Ochs clone Lois Ochs clone Lois Ochs clone Best clone Best clone Green Swamp Green Swamp Green Swamp "Chocolate Top" Copper top MK MK 80 photos MK F8 - 51 photos MK F10 - 12 photos MK F62 - 26 photos MK F125 - 60 photos MK F230 - 20 photos SF 50 - 25 photos Andy 28 - 15 photos Marston Exotics - 5 photos N Carolina