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Pinguicula alpina (L.)
- Europe, Asia

Comments: found northernmost of any CP species!
updated: 2023-01-02 Polish Tatra Mountains 2 photos 12 photos 7 photos 8 photos 20 photos P. alpina and P. vulgaris in Val Badia (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy) P. alpina and P. leptoceras in Austrian Alps seeds;mode=data_800 red;mode=data_800 red 17 photos;mode=data_800 red flower variations P. alpina and P. vulgaris lots of photos of P. alpina, P. vulgaris, P. leptoceras on Swiss Alps northernmost CP on record 18 photos Pinguicula on the British Isles 11 photos in northern Italy many phtos red leaf