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Nepenthes truncata (Macf.)
- Philippines
updated: 2023-11-04 lowland SG Wistuba reddish leaves (l), Pasian (r) Pasian 20 photos LL LL Paisan Highlands (BE) Pasian Highland Pasian Highland D Pasian Highland Pasian Pasian Report and photos of rodent trapping sibuyanensis and truncata Pasian d Pasian Highland red HLxLL Pasian reddish leaves,ahe5jcop.jpg.html's%20no.1%206-29-05.JPG Pasian Highland Pasian Pasian Pasian pasian highland pasian;mode=data_800;mode=data_800;mode=data_800 Pasian Pasian Pasian Highland tall flower Pasian BE-3203 BE-3307 D C dark red form from central Mindanao dark red form from central Mindanao dark red form from central Mindanao dark red form from central Mindanao flary truncata from southern central Mindanao Pasian Queen of Hearts (left); truncata (right) pasian highland pasian highland pasian highland red red pasian pasian pasian pasian pasian pasian C Pasian Pasian Pasian Pasian Highland Pasian Highland d d d lowland lowland lowland red leaves Pasian Pasian Pasian lowland lowland SG lowland D truncata, truncata D, robcantleyi Paisan SG lowland SG lowland 54 photos 38 photos 7 photos C - 15 photos Pasian Highland D EP D EP D EP lowland SG Pasian Highland lowland SG BE-3707 SBG 7 photos