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Nepenthes thorelii ((Lecomte) Mey, Luu & A.S.Rob.)
- Cambodia
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Comments: There is great confusion about the identity of N. anamensis, N. thorelii, and N. smilesii (mirabilis). Marcello Catalano is attempting to make sense of this mess and has provided the comments in red. Also, see . François Mey has published a comprehensive history of N. thorelii
updated: 2018-06-26 ? smilesii smilesii hybrid smilesii smilesii smilesii, the last one is kampotiana ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? probably new species probably new species probably new species probably new species kampotiana? kampotiana? ? ? white peristome ? ? ? ? (d) purple from EP ? ? ? ? kampotiana (d) kampotiana (d) kampotiana (d) kampotiana (d) kampotiana smilesii smilesii ? 7 photos kampotiana d officially relocated in Vietnam, Tay Ninh province species description N. "thorelii" d comprehensive history possibly the Binh Chau see page 27 In 2011, officially relocated in Vietnam, within Tay Ninh province, its type locality videos on discovery of N. thorelii d upper lower lower rediscovery, description, and lots of photos "thorelii" "thorelii" "thorelii" "thorelii" "thorelii" "thorelii"