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Drosera latifolia ((Eichler) Gonella & Rivadavia)
- geographically and ecologically divided between the quartzitic Espinhaço Range in central Minas Gerais and disjunctly along the igneous Serra da Mantiqueira and Serra do Mar in southern and southeastern Brazil.

Comments: a highly polymorphic and widespread taxon, previously placed in synonymy of D. villosa and heretofore misidentified as D. ascendens. See
updated: 2020-05-13 D. ascendens with D. brevifolia in bloom all red Sao Bernardo do campo D.ascendens bottom center, D.communis upper right, and the greener D.viridis with flatter petioles upper left an hour W from the city of Curitiba Serra do Quiriri highlands, state of Santa Catarina hairy ascendens red hairy form Sao Bernardo do Campo, Caminho do Mar, Sao Paulo, Brazil Pico da Bandeira, Santo, Brazil Itarare, Sao Paulo, BA Palmeira latifolia and filiformis Red D.ascendens center, D.viridis left, and the redder D.communis right, top & bottom: from PNSV D.latifolia “Serra do Espinhaço morphotype” with aquatic G.repens (Salesopolis) D.latifolia “Serra do Mar morphotype” and D.communis Serra de Ponta Grossa, Campo Largo, Parana, Brazil Itarare,SP,Bra (left) D. schwackei; (middle) the possible hybrid; (right) D. ascendens likely "hairy ascendens" Bandeira Peak Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil species description red