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Drosera hookeri (R.P.Gibson, B.J.Conn & Conran, nom. nov.)
- herbfields and low open shrublands from southern inland New South Wales to central Victoria and west to southern South Australia; north-eastern Tasmania.

Comments: was D. peltata var. foliosa. Has ovoid seeds. See: Robert P. Gibson, Barry J. Conn & John G. Conran. Drosera hookeri R.P.Gibson, B.J.Conn & Conran, a replacement name for Drosera foliosa Hook.f. ex Planch., nom. illeg. (Droseraceae). J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 24 (2010) 39–42
updated: 2021-05-17 “Grampians,VIC” D. peltata and D. peltata foliosa species description orange/red TZ orange/red, Tasmania "Orange/red" Conara, TS Greenville, Victoria Greenvale, Victoria Au seed seed seed seed 10 photos