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Drosera communis (St.Hil.)
- Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, N. Argentina, S. Venezuela (and possibly E. Bolivia, E. Peru, SE Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam)
updated: 2018-12-16 D.riparia (bottom), D.tomentosa (center), and D.communis (top) Jacaraci Serra do Quiriri highlands, state of Santa Catarina, near the border with Paraná state (southern Brazil) D.ascendens bottom center, D.communis upper right, and the greener D.viridis with flatter petioles upper left D.ascendens center, D.viridis left, and the redder D.communis right, top & bottom D.communis has narrower & hairier petioles than D.viridis. Also, the base of the flower scapes of D.viridis are erect (or just slightly ascending) while those of D.communis are deeply ascending D.hirtella var.lutescens x communis on the left, D.hirtella var.lutescens in the center, and D.communis on the right D.communis (L) and 3 D.roraimae (R) D.cayennensis (L) and D.communis (R) D.hirtella var.hirtella (left), D. communis (right), possible hybrid (center) G. aurea and D. communis G. aurea and D. communis G. aurea and D. communis D. tomentosa var. glabrata (above) growing side by side with D. communis (below) see page 42 D. communis and G. repens from Botumirim