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Drosera binata (Labill.)
- Australia, New Zealand

Comments: There is a great deal of confusion about names found for D. binata forms. I have tried to put them into some similar types, based on the owner’s description. On 13 Jan 04, Sean Spence described the D. binata forms: “The different varieties of Drosera binata are basically separated from one another by the number of forks and points on the leaves”. For the full discussion, see See also Drosera 'Giant', and Drosera 'Marston Dragon'
updated: 2023-01-02 Coromandel, NZ Coromandel, NZ Waihohonu Desert Rd. NZ about 10 photos of D. binata at Grampians N.P, south eastern Australia D. filiformis and D. binata green form Coromandel NZ small T-form T form 5 photos Coromandel NZ T form T form T form T form Coromandel NZ T-form T-form T-form Coromandel, New Zealand Coromandel, NZ Waihohonu Desert Rd. NZ 10 photos Tonimbuk, Vic. - 14 photos anglesa T-form - 9 photos Waihohonu seed seed seed varieties 9 photos