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Dionaea 'Royal Red' (AUPBR 464)
Comments: Registered 20. 3. 2008 {JS}; national registration authority refuses to provide data, January 1999 (JS). Isolated and patented by Exotica Plants of Australia in 1994. Distinct from other varieties in that all parts of the plant, with the exception of the margins of the traps are dark red in colour (RHS 59A). Green margins and red inner surfaces of the trap are characteristics common to both 'Royal Red' and the normal form of Dionaea, and it is the colour of the other plant parts which make 'Royal Red' distinctive. Plants in winter dormancy and those grown in conditions of low light may lose some of the red pigmentation, but still retain appreciably more red pigment than typical Dionaea.
updated: 2022-12-19 7 photos