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Dionaea 'Red Piranha' (E.Read)
Comments: Registered 18. 9. 1999 (JS) One of the offspring produced by Ed Read and Ivan Snyder by crossing an all red clone ("Holland Red") with a dentate, then selfing the result. Because it is red and has trap bars that look like piranha teeth, I named it ‘Red Piranha'. As with other red Venus Flytraps the intensity of red coloration varies according to cultivation and season. It has been noted by growers who cultivate it next to other popular red Venus Flytraps that its red coloration equals, if not supercedes, their red color.
updated: 2023-02-03 "Green Wizard and 'Red Piranha' Petite Dragon (front) and Red Piranha[2]-1375-p.jpg[3]-1375-p.jpg[4]-1375-p.jpg