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Cephalotus 'Dudley Watts' (S.Morley)
Comments: Pl.Carniv.35(2):42 (2014)
updated: 2020-02-06 Dudley Watts, vigorous clumping, Eden Black 'Dudley Watts' and 'Eden Black' flowers 'Dudley Watts' (left); 'Eden Black' (right) 2 Dudley Watts (left); Hummer's Giant (right) Big Boy (right); Dudley (left) Dudley Watts (right); typical (left) Dudley Watts (right); Big Boy (left) Dudley Watts (right); Hummer's Giant (left) Dudley Watts (right); typical (left) 'Dudley Watts' in Figure 2 right Cultivar description