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Sarracenia minor (Walt.)
- NC, SC, Ga, Fla.
updated: 2017-06-11 Old Dock, Columbus Co, NC Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, FL. 7 different minor clones 10 photos of S. minor Old Dock, N. Carolina all green,_Georgia.JPG Horry Co., South Carolina Long County, Georgia Scroll down to interactive distribution map anthocynanin-free 8 photos many minor clones in list Horry County, South Carolina, Cartwheel Bay Plants/Carnivorous Pictures/S001.1.jpg 22 photos, scroll alphabetically anthocyanin-free F2 no fenestrations few fenestrations many fenestrations interior of pitcher Ware Co. Ware Co. minor and rehderi minor and rehderi minor and rehderi minor, rubra, and rehderi;mode=data_800 Old Dock, Columbus Co, NC 40 photos 14 photos several clones