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Sarracenia flava var. rugelii ((Shuttlew. ex A.DC.) Mast.)
Comments: wider neck with red throat with no venation radiating, no other red markings. Cut-throat.
updated: 2017-06-11 "Big Top", Nr.Columbia Twin City, Georgia "Big Top", Nr.Columbia FR1995 38 outstanding photos 10 different rugelii clones Bay Co, FL clone A 14 photos Ben Hill Co, GA Giant clone many rugelii clones in list JJ labat Ben Hill Co, GA AxB clone #1 Thomas Co., GA Twin City, Georgia Twin City, GA Twin City, GA Twin City, GA Anthocyanin free, Telogia, Florida Twin City, GA Twin City, GA copper tinged giant horizontal fine splash "Orange Fire" (left); rugelii (right) 92 photos numerous clones F17 - 10 photos F53 - 4 photos Mk F175A - 25 photos Milton. FL. F49MK