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Nepenthes gracillima (Ridl.)
- Malaysia

Comments: BEWARE! There is often confusion between N. gracillima and N. ramispina and with N. alba. According to Charles Clarke, Nepenthes of Sumatra and Peninsula Malaysia (2001) the most obvious difference between N. gracillima and N. ramispina is the colour of the upper pitchers: 'Those of N. ramispina are dark green throughout, with numerous tiny black dots on the upper surfaces, which gives them a greyish appearance. The inner surfaces are always green with a thick waxy coating. In contrast, the upper pitchers of N. gracillima are light green in the lower parts and ivory white above; ivory white throughout; or white with large patches of red pigmentation, on both the upper and outer surfaces. To confuse things further, Clarke found only N. alba when he when to Gunung Tahan, but mistakenly thought it was N. gracillima, and put it in his book as such. N. gracillima has spotted pitchers both uppers and lowers; it doesn't have white uppers.
updated: 2023-10-28 probably gracillima probably N. ramispina AW MT probably N. alba probably N. alba