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Nepenthes alata (Blanco)
- Malaysia; Philippines; Sumatra
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Comments: Some identified as N. alata are actually N. x ventrata
updated: 2018-06-26 boschiana mimic J.Harris clone boschiana mimic 58 photos le vrai Red elongata¤t=EP2045.jpg¤t=P1000642.jpg speckled pink Longwood Speckled Speckled elongata var boschiana speckled boschiana mimic le vrai le vrai le vrai Spotted Boschiana Mimic highland lowland nicknamed “var. boschiana” or “boschiana mimic” Variegata speckled Boschiana Mimic boschiana mimic pink boschiana mimic hairy red red red hairy red hairy red red red red variant 1 espana sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5 sp6 sp7 Hairy Red spotted spotted MT MT hamata and alata Luzon spotted spotted 10 photos time-lapse of pitcher inflating speckled Speckled pink boschiana mimic Boschiana Mimic Boschiana Mimic Boschiana Mimic red le vrai highland - 16 photos spotted - 52 photos Philippines - 17 photos f. boschiana - 16 photos t - 35 photos Boschiana Mimic spotted Surigao (MT) green