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Drosera burmannii (Vahl)
- Asia Australia tropical

Comments: D. burmannii and D. sessilifolia are often confused, especially since hybrids of the two are common in cultivation. D. burmanni: leaves yellow-green, more triangular, flowers white, flower scape often with a curve at the base. D. sessilifolia: leaves orangish-yellow, more rounded, flowers pink, flower scape erect. Drosera burmannii is described as being a green plant with white flowers. There are populations of "Drosera burmannii" in Australia that have red tentacles and green leaves, others with red tentacles and red leaves, and both types may have pink flowers.
updated: 2023-01-25 Drosera burmannii ‘Hong Kong’ e Drosera burmannii near Sydney 30km SE of Darwin, NT, Australia near Penrith (Chi Ma Wan, Hong Kong) 20 photos in Hong Kong habitat Humpty-Doo Sarawak red Hong Kong "Humpty Doo" 8 photos sessilifolia & burmannii sessilifolia & burmannii Humpty Doo Humpty-Doo red Humpty Doo Australia Pilliga Red beerwah, australia Nepenthes kampotiana with Drosera burmanii green giant red form "Moon Trap" and D. burmannii red Humpty Doo Australia from Humpty Doo Beerwah, Australia Beerwah, Australia Hong Kong Humpty Doo burmannii 02.jpg Pilliga red Humpty Doo red Humpty Doo Australia red Humpty Doo Australia red Humpty Doo Australia Humpty-Doo crashed green Gunung Keledang from Humpty Doo flower Humpty Doo Red Humpty Doo Humpty Doo Green Tentacle red beerwah, australia green (Sha TauKok near China Border, Hong Kong) and red (Humpty Doo, NT, Australia) Pilliga Red burmannii 'red'- Humpty Doo from Humpty Doo Humpty Doo Beerwah D. regia and D. burmannii Humpty Doo, NT Humpty doo burmannii and brevifolia Red Tentacle 8 photos Beerwah, Australia Beerwah, Australia Humpty Doo burmanii and paradoxa Beerwah "Pilliga Red" Humpty Doo Humpty Doo Giant Giant Pilliga Red Pilliga Red Humpty Doo from Humpty Doo Pilliga Red Pilliga Red Pilliga Red Hann River, Kimberley, Western Australia Hann River, Kimberley, Western Australia Hann River, Kimberley, Western Australia 5 photos 11 photos Humpty Doo vegetative apomixis Pilliga Red with P. Aphrodite seed seed seed seed green pink pink Tin Can Bay 4 photos 4 photos