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Drosera esterhuyseniae ((Salt.) Debbert)
- South Africa

Comments: Jan Schlauer synonymize D. esterhuyseniae with D. aliciae. However, Andreas Fleischmann says: May I convince you that both are totally different species, when showing you further photos of plants in habit and flower? D. curviscapa indeed is a synonym of D. aliciae, no doubt! D. esterhuyseniae is much closer to the stem forming species like D. glabripes! The confusion comes from a rosetted plant which Debbert was calling "D. curviscapa" in the past, and which I now refer to as D. spec. "Hermanus". This one is indeed closer to D. aliciae, but nevertheless distinct enough to be presented as a new species in the not to far future. We are working on this...
updated: 2022-05-09 D. esterhuyseniae photos in situ in Fernkloof Nature Reserve