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Cephalotus follicularis (Labill.)
- Southwest Australia
updated: 2015-07-02 9 photos red the red 13 photos Gary Kong seed 14 photos seeds and seedlings in situ 13 photos 9 macro photos photos in the wild 11 photos in cultivation in Mexico 14 photos 12 photos 8 photos of seedling development 15 photos of different clones 13 photos 20 photos progressive photos of cutting growth photo series growth of seedlings 11 photos comprehensive information 7 photos 13 photos Broke Inlet, WILD Broke Inlet, WILD 97+ photos 13 photos 22 photos 50+ photos scale is 1 cm 20 photos in natural habitat seedlings seedlings seedlings seedling Cephalotus folicularis and D. hamiltonii 31 photos 17 photos more than 30 photo 7 photos AN-225 17 photos HG and typical 8 photos 11 photos 7 photos of flowers photos in wild and cultivation 17 photos in natural habitat 2 clones 14 photos 7 photos 16 excellent photos of flowers 11 photos in Australia scroll ahead to im32.html (16 pages) clone B clone A numerous photos and description lots of photos